Multi-medium Vehicles

Multi-medium (Air/Water) Unmanned Aerial and Underwater Vehicle

Maia, M.M., Villegas, A.. Soni, P.,Hind, J., Diez F.J.

AUVs & Seagliders

Thrust Generation for AUVs

Miller A., Rouhi M., Piwowar D., Tawfik M., Diez F.J.

Modeling EK Thrusters

Shawala, J., Berardi D., Diez, F.J.

Microfluidics & Nanofluidics

Velocity Measurements in EK micro and nanochannels

Rouhi M., Miller A., Diez F. J.

Characterzing the Electroosmotic Flow in microchannels

Miller A., Sureda M., Diez, F.J.

Development of EK actuators for Space Propulsion

Sureda M., Diez F.J.

Time Resolved microPIV

Miller A., Sureda M., Diez F.J.

Microfluidics & Nanofluidics

Modeling EK Thrusters

Shawala, J., Berardi D., Diez, F.J.


Wind Turbine Development and Design

Shawala, J., Berardi D., Diez, F.J.

Experimental Load Measurements and Wake Visualization of a Wind Turbine

Del Campo,V. (UPC, Spain), Prof. Ferreira C.S. & his Team (Delft. U.), Diez F.J. (co-advisor of V. del Campo)

Turbulence, Laser Diagnostics, Biological Flows

Particle Laden Jets in Crossflow

Cheng Y., Torregrosa, M.M, Diez, F. J.

Visualization of the Finest Scales in Turbulence

Villegas, A., Cheng Y., Diez, F.J.

Spray Cooling

Torres, J., Mauro, M., Diez, F.J.

Scanning Stereo PIV Development

Cheng Y., Torregrosa, M.M., Villegas, A., Diez. F.J.

3D Particle Tracking Velocimetry

Cheng Y., Diez F.J.

On the Propulsion Method of the Knifefish

Reesbeck, T., Diez F.J.

Aircraft Fire Safety

Analysis and Design of the Federal Aviation Administration Fire Test Burner

Ochs R., Diez F.J.

Combustion of Polymers in a Low Pressure and Low Oxygen Environment

Zarzecki M., Rossmann T., Diez F.J.

Icing in Aircraft Fuel Line

Maloney T., Rossmann T., Diez F.J.