Year-One Survival Guide

As first-year students new to Rutgers and the School of Engineering there are many challenges to face. Below are some tips to make the transition easier and some useful links.



Not sure about where to find certain information?

Ruinfo (732-932-info) is a one-stop-shop for info on everything from buying meal plans and campus parking to Rutgers Day and scholarships.

Confused about buses?

Find the schedule and routes in the myRutgers website under Campus. And all Rutgers students use to estimate bus arrival times. Careful, because bus schedules change on the weekends, breaks, and after 10pm!

Think you’re going to finish that 285 meal plan?

Many students find themselves left with nearly 100 meals to go, if not more. Consider that each meal is about $6.70 that’s a lot of money you’re just giving away. Try switching to the 210-plan and consider that you can “give away” ten meals. You can also use your meal swipes for food at the football games.

Need to do the laundry, but only have bills?

If you have money on your Knight express, you can use that, or turn that bill into quarters using the vending machine.

Nosy roommate checking out your stuff in doorless closet?

Curtains are a nice way to hide your stuff in the doorless closets of many dorms.

Dorms too noisy for study?

Consider the library, the ARC Study Room provided by the EGC, or the department-specific study lounges in the Engineering Building for quiet study spots.  Try asking departmental chairs about the lounges. 

Want to stay fit?

The Rutgers Recreational Center is an awesome place to work those abs, try stuff like dance and martial arts, and banish the dreaded freshman 15 with the help of a personal trainer. They’re open 7 days a week to fit the busiest schedules.

Need to visit your professor or a department?

Double check by calling them before visiting to save you time that might otherwise be wasted waiting, visiting when they’re unavailable, or being routed around because you went to the wrong place.

Dorm life woes?

Don’t hesitate to talk to your R.A. or the Hall Director of your dorm if you have problems.

Longterm assignments!

Even if they are not to be submitted for a grade, do not put assignments off, because it's much easier to understand the course if you follow the work with the class schedule. Also, you never know what activities will pop up on your schedule during crunch time for exams.