What Do My Living Room, #Yardbucks, and RBS Have in Common?

An unusual fact about me is that I hate studying in just one spot. Every few hours I have to get up and move to a different location, or I’ll lose focus and be distracted. During the pandemic was essentially chained to my desk, including over the summer when I was doing a remote internship. For months, especially in the winter when it was colder and harder to go outside, I felt like I was hovering between my desk and my bed, and I definitely noticed it was harder for me to motivate myself to study or do work. Since being back on campus and being able to hit up all my favorite study spots, however, I definitely am able to be more focused and productive. I specifically like study spots with a good view or cool ~vibes~.

One of the advantages of going to a big school is its sheer size—and therefore the sheer number of places to study across all four campuses. As a business administration minor, much of my time is spent at the business school, and it’s become one of my favorite places to study. I especially enjoy the fifth-floor lounge, which has a phenomenal view of Livingston Campus. As a sophomore, I would often hit up the Starbucks Truck on Busch and then head over to the fifth-floor lounge at RBS to study for a few hours before class. It always made me feel like a ~real~  college student. 

One of the spots I’ve actually been enjoying more recently (also on Livingston) is my living room, sitting next to my roommate Minhee Han! Studying with your friends (and/or roommates) can be such a great way to be productive, but also spend time with the people you care about when you have lots to get done.

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Of course, like most college students, I do love a good coffee shop. Specifically, I love grabbing an iced mocha (my preferred drink) at #Yardbucks, Hidden Grounds, or Efe’s on the College Avenue campus, and pulling out my laptop to do some administrative tasks. I love how coffee shops always have exuberant yet academic energy; it always helps me stay focused and determined. Also on College Avenue is my favorite study spot: the top floor of the Academic Building-East Wing. This space has a few couches for sitting and windows facing Vorhees Mall. The view is breathtaking, especially when the trees in Vorhees Mall start changing colors. It’s actually my favorite place at Rutgers period, and I definitely recommend studying there or at least checking it out!

Over on Busch, I enjoy sitting in the international lounge in the Student Center or Richard Weeks Hall if I have some time between my engineering classes. These spaces are really helpful to study in if you need a quiet place to go in a pinch when you’re on Busch, and there’s always plenty of seating. If you need a quiet spot, other great places to go are any of the libraries on any of the campuses.

Overall, Rutgers has so many great places to study, and I hope you find the ones that work for you! RU Rah Rah #4ever!