Vita M. Lanoce

Chief Executive Officer, Linical Americas

Vita Lanoce is an accomplished executive leader in the life sciences and clinical research industry with more than 30 years of achievement leading international clinical drug development programs and providing senior leadership for start-ups and mature organizations. She is dedicated to realizing the vision and mission to improve health and well-being through innovative and breakthrough treatments in oncology, CNS/pain, infectious disease, and common and chronic areas of research. As Chief Executive Officer of Linical Americas, Ms. Lanoce's primary responsibility is growth and oversight of the America and China affiliates of the Linical Group, a Japanese headquartered Global Clinical Research Organization.

Ms. Lanoce began her clinical research career in academia where she was part of the team responsible for cardiovascular research at University of Pennsylvania. She was one of the contributors that defined the congestive heart failure model used for pre-clinical drug testing with a focus on digitization of biologic data. Ms. Lanoce brought this model to Bristol-Myers Squibb, which provided a robust pre-clinical pathway for cardiovascular drug testing. In the clinical division, her work as the Senior Clinical Scientist responsible for the drug development program in cardiovascular research led to FDA approval of Monopril for the treatment of hypertension and heart failure. Ms. Lanoce has pubished articles and abstracts in refereed journals in the field of cardiovascular research and was selected to present her published research results at the American College of Cardiology.

Ms. Lanoce is actively involved in industry organizations and initiatives. Helping Early Research in Oncology (HERO) was formed under her leadersip to bring awareness to the importance of patient participation in oncology clinical research. Ms. Lanoce is also a member of the American Cancer Society's CEOs Against Cancer. She was recently featured in BOSS magazine, an award-winning Apple News and Google News publication, showcasing the organization's work in supporting small and medium life science companies with their clinical development programs. Additionally, Ms. Lanoce and the Linical Americas team were recent recipients of a CRO Leadership Award for Overall Compatibility, exceeding customer expectations across both big and small pharma customers. Ms. Lanoce supports a culture of wellness and fitness for her company and community, sponsoring and participating in various wellness events. She is a member of BioFlorida, bringing awareness to the important of clinical drug development and the needed legislative support to ensure the life sciences industry continues to lead in innovation and has a voice in guiding the necessary funding required to continue this innovation.

Ms. Lanoce earned her B.A. in Biology from Manhattanville College, and her M.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Rutgers School of Engineering.