SoE Facilities and Labs


Tom Calabrese
School of Engineering
Senior Manager, Facilities & Quality Assurance
Dariusz Kozlowski
School of Engineering
Senior Program Coordinator 

For after-hours facilities emergencies: 732-932-7212 (RUPD)


Loading Dock Operations


Office Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Dock hours: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Services regarding School of Engineering facilities and labs include the following areas:

Maintenance and Renovations

Facilities staff handles billable and non-billable maintenance requirements for all School of Engineering buildings and labs. All maintenance requests must be made online using the ticketing system.

Non-billable examples include, but are not limited to, leaks, heating/AC issues, lights, missing tiles, custodial requests, pest control, or any other non-billable building issues/requests.

Billable items include, but are not limited to, lab/office renovations/moves, electrical work, A/C purchase/ installations should also go through the ticketing system.


Swipe Card Access 

All Faculty and Staff will be granted 24/7 access to their respective building. Graduate and undergraduate students will be allowed access with consent from their advisor. The advisor or department administrator will submit the request on the ticketing system with the student’s name, netid, the room/building the student will need to access, and an expiration date. Access for students is limited to two years. If the student is still here after the two years, the advisor or department administrator will have to send another request upon expiration of access. If a student is no longer with the unit, the advisor or department administrator must submit a request to have the access removed.

Swipe Card Installation

All swipe card installation requests should be submitted using the ticketing system. The requestor will be responsible for payment.

Keys and Lock Hardware

All key requests and lock changes for the Engineering building must be requested via the ticketing system.


Faculty and staff may contact Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Telecommunications with any concerns regarding their telephone service. For any non-billable issues with your VoIP service such as service outage or voicemail issues/password reset please use the following link and submit the request via the OIT ticketing system.
For any billable service requests please follow our ticketing website and we will be able to obtain the necessary quotes for your Department. For any clarification please contact Thomas Calabrese.


Faculty and staff may request the removal of surplus equipment and furniture.  After completing the Surplus Disposal Request Form, submit the request via the ticketing system. Facilities personnel will submit your request and schedule the pick-up date. If it is a few items, they may be brought down to the loading dock. For larger requests or equipment disposal, items should be contained in a single location. Surplus items should not be left in the hallways at any time or for any reason, even if a form is filled out.

Lab Safety

The School of Engineering abides by all standards and procedures set forth by Rutgers Environmental Health and Safety (REHS) regarding laboratory and chemical safety.  In preparation for Annual Laboratory Audits, REHS asks each Principle Investigator (PI) to perform a self audit of their laboratory. Find out more>>