Rutgers University Merit Scholarships: Renewal, Transfer, or Appeal

Undergraduate students with full-time status can receive Merit Scholarships (Scarlet, Deans, Distinguished Scholar, National, Carr, Trustees, Henry Rutgers, Presidential) for up to 4 years in total at Rutgers-NB.  The scholarships are automatically renewed each year if students meet the criterion for renewal.  Students do not need to submit a scholarship application for the renewal.  Please note this is different from the endowed School of Engineering Scholarships for continuing students.  Students will need to reapply each year in order to receive the endowed SoE scholarships.

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Criteria for Renewal

  • Rutgers University merit scholarships are awarded for up to the first 4 years or 8 semesters of your undergraduate study at Rutgers.
  • Scholarship recipients at the School of Engineering must be actively pursuing a major in engineering.  Students must successfully complete 12 or more credits each semester and keep pace with the 4-year curriculum of an engineering program.
  • Students admitted to Rutgers in Fall 2018 or after must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or better (3.5 or better for Presidential Scholarship). 
  • For students in the BS/MS, BS/MEng or BS/MBA programs, University Merit Scholarships can only cover the undergraduate portion for up to 4 years.  The scholarships can not be extended to the 5th year (or the 4th year for students who complete their BS degree in 3 years) when students are enrolled as graduate students.  Students starting their Master's program can apply for scholarships or financial support through the graduate school


  • Graduating seniors who need less than 12 credits but more than half time (6 credits or more) to graduate in their last semester of undergraduate studies are eligible to receive a prorated portion of their merit scholarships based on the cost for attendance and the number of credits taken during the last semester. The prorated University Merit Scholarships will not exceed the budget, which means under no circumstance students will receive a refund check from the scholarship.
  • Graduating Presidential scholars with part-time status living on campus are eligible to receive the R & B portion of the scholarship. Graduating Presidential scholars with part-time status living off-campus, the R & B portion will be prorated based on the number of credits; in which case, the Office of Financial Aid would require a copy of the signed lease.  Please note that the commuters are not eligible for the R & B portion of the Presidential scholarship.

Transfer of Merit Scholarships to or from Another School at RU-NB

  • The merit scholarships are not automatically transferable from one school to another because the scholarships are awarded independently by each school at the time of admission based on the high school profile of the students.
  • School of Engineering may award up to the merit scholarship that students received from the School of Engineering or were eligible to receive based on the School of Engineering standard at the time of their admission to Rutgers. Please note that since different schools may have a different standard for merit-based awards, school-to-school transfer students may lose their scholarships or qualify for a different award with a reduced amount.
  • Rutgers University merit scholarships are awarded for up to the first 4 years or 8 semesters of the undergraduate studies at Rutgers regardless the schools the students are attending.
  • After completing one semester of full-time study in an engineering major matriculating at the School of Engineering, transfer students are eligible to apply for the SoE endowed scholarships for continuing students
  • For engineering students who are transferring out to another school at RU-NB, please consult with the deans who are in charge of the scholarship programs at the school you are transferring into.

Merit Scholarship Appeal

  • Students who cannot meet the renewal criterion listed above will not receive the university merit scholarship starting from the following academic year.  The notifications of denial will be sent to the students by Rutgers Office of Financial Aid via email by early July each year. 
  • Students can appeal for a reinstatement if there are documented extenuating circumstances (personal, family, health, etc.) which have impacted student learning during the academic year.  The appeals with extenuating circumstance must be submitted immediately or within a month after the merit scholarships are dropped.
  • Students can also appeal for a reinstatement if they can improve their academic standing to meet the criteria for renewal in the following academic year. In order to be eligible, students must successfully complete 12 or more credits each semester while keeping pace with the 4-year Engineering curriculum.  The appeals must be submitted within two regular semesters or one academic year after the merit scholarships are dropped.


  • Please contact Dean Peng Song ( @ for any questions or for the reinstatement appeals.