Room Policy


Break Out rooms are intended as a place for students to work and study together. They are not intended for either individual study or socializing.

Who can reserve rooms?

Only current Rutgers Students, Faculty, or Staff with a valid Rutgers NetID may reserve rooms for group study.

How do I reserve a break out study room?

Break Out Rooms may be reserved HERE through our online reservation system.

When can we reserve the room?

Rooms may be reserved up to 2 weeks in advance.

How many people do we need to reserve a room?

Groups must have 2 people.

How long can we have the room for?

4 hours per day.  Groups may stay beyond their reserved time if no one else has reserved that room.


You will receive an email confirming your reservation that includes a link you can use to cancel your reservation. The confirmation email is sent to your email account associated with your Rutgers NetID. You must cancel within 1 hour of your reserved time slot.

Late Arrival

There is a 15-minute grace period attached to your reservation. If your group does not arrive within the grace period the reservation is void and the room becomes openly available.

Usage Policies

  • Reservations are not transferable, and the user who makes the reservation must be in the room during the reserved time.
  • Repeated failure to show up for reserved times may result in the future suspension of group study room reservation privileges.
  • Users are expected to leave the door propped open with doorstopper whenever leaving the room otherwise door will lock automatically.
  • Users are expected to clean up after themselves and leave the room ready for the next group. Throw away trash and clean the whiteboard (if room has a whiteboard) if you have used it.
  • Please use only appropriate markers and erasers on the whiteboards. If you do not have your own dry-erase markers or erasers, you can check them out at the Deans Office, Suite 405.