Engineering Honors Academy: (Residential) Community

The Rutgers Engineering Honors Academy community is collaborative, accepting, and engaging. That sense of community is achieved through time spent both in and out of the classroom. Both residential honors housing and Honors Academy events provide a great space for learning from peers and kindling lifelong friendships.

Honors Housing

Residential honors housing offers many academic and social advantages. By living together, Honors Academy students are able to support each other as they navigate demanding engineering courses as well as while developing diverse extracurricular interests. They also form a strong and inclusive community that serves as the basis for lifelong friendships.

Freshman Housing | Barr Hall

For first-year students who chose to live on campus, Honors Academy scholars have the opportunity to participate in a residential living experience within designated housing. The Barr Residence Hall, conveniently located on Busch campus, houses freshmen in the Honors Academy on the second floor. Residing at Barr provides a special and unique experience for freshmen. Living with like-minded students going through the same experiences provides both social and academic advantages. 

Sophomore & Upperclassmen Housing

Honors Academy students in their second year and beyond also have the opportunity to live in reserved honors housing. 

Honors Academy Events

Throughout the academic year, the Honors Academy hosts 8 engaging social and informative events. The purpose of these events is to encourage collaboration between Honors Academy scholars from different years and to create a strong honors community. Honors Academy events are always changing and improving, but past events have included: Summer Success and Scheduling, Destress Fest, Trivia Night, Honors Academy Talent Show, and Campfire Night.