Engineering Honors Academy: Research Opportunities

Why research?

Honors Academy students are challenged with accelerated courses, but also take a leading role in Rutgers’ research community. Scholars are encouraged to seek out opportunities and perform high-level research. 

Students have demonstrated a rich history of conducting research on prestigious and groundbreaking projects, with some students even being awarded the Rutgers Research Excellence Award! Each year, first-year honors students are particularly encouraged to participate in the Aresty Summer Science Program, “an intensive, full-time research experience… with faculty mentors from a diverse array of scientific disciplines.” 

Honors Academy seniors also often participate in the James J Slade Scholars program: an option that provides valuable experience to those students interested in a research-focused career. Participation in the program includes independent research with faculty oversight and a thesis along with peer review sessions.

Honors Scholars History

Outside of formal research programs, honors students have also taken the initiative to seek out additional opportunities. Scholars have conducted research under the tutelage of a wide range of professors in various departments; below is a list of just a few departments that have hosted undergraduate Honors Academy researchers in their labs:

  • Biomedical Engineering Department
  • Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Department
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
  • Computer Science Department
  • Department of Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering Department
  • Materials Science and Engineering Department
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department


Meet some of our research scholars!


Irfan Peer

Rohan Narayan

Swarnima Roychowdhury


Rutgers Research Award:

Madara Dias


JJ Slade:

Oren Merhav


Undergraduate research for credit: 

Gabby Rosovsky