Tom Calabrese
School of Engineering
Senior Manager, Facilities & Quality Assurance
Dariusz Kozlowski
School of Engineering
Senior Program Coordinator 
Loading Dock Operations

Office Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Dock hours: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

University Mail Services delivers and picks up all U.S. mail and Campus mail at each individual building for the School of Engineering. Departments housed in the main Engineering building can pick up and drop off their mail at the loading dock, room D114. Any outgoing U.S. mail must be accompanied by a Postage Request Form. Mail without the form will be sent back to the department.
All packages received at the loading dock will be scanned and an email from will be sent to the recipient. This is an unmanned automated email; please do not reply to it. It is the responsibility of the recipient to come and pick up their own package. You may send someone else to pick up your package. All packages picked up must be rescanned and signed for.

Useful Links

University Post Office

1-800-GO FEDEX

NOTE: When calling FedEx for a pick-up, be sure to use the right service. If the label is an Express label, do not choose Ground Service thinking it will be cheaper. FedEx has several divisions and drivers can only pick up for their respective division.

FedEx will pick up at your office or you can let them know it will be at the loading dock for pick-up. If you choose to have it picked up at the dock keep in mind that there is a four hour window for pick-up requests and the dock’s last pick-up time is 3:00pm.

1-800-PICK UPS

NOTE: UPS does not go to your office if you schedule a pick-up. All outgoing packages must be brought to the dock after you schedule your pick-up. UPS will only make three attempts to pick up your package. After the third attempt, you will have to call again to reschedule.