Withdrawal or Leave of Absence

If you need to withdraw from all of your classes or take an extended leave of absence (one semester or more) from Rutgers, you need to fill out a Withdrawal form.

If your absence from school is too lengthy or involved that you cannot make up the missed work, you should see a DEAN in Academic Services to discuss your options of withdrawing from one or more classes (you cannot see an advisor for this). For absences longer than 2 weeks or for chronic health conditions, students have some important decisions to make regarding their education.

Some Things to Consider

1. Health first: Take a leave of absence from school in order to attend to any serious health, emotional, or other extenuating circumstances. See a dean in Academic Services.

2.  For chronic issues while attending school, seek support from one or more of the following University support services:  

3. Attend school as any other student. Absence Verification letters from the Dean of Students are for short term absences with specific dates. SOE deans and faculty do not have a blanket semester excusal or similar accommodation. If your circumstances are so severe that they are affecting school for more than 2 weeks, you should keep in touch with the academic deans in the Office of Academic Services (B100) so that we can provide you with options including course withdrawals, a complete semester withdrawal, etc. 

When considering withdrawing completely from the semester, please keep in mind how this may affect your financial aid, in particular the Standards of Academic Progress.  Also, students who receive financial aid may want to consider continuing to attend classes until 60% of the semester has gone by (typically around the 9th week), or you will have to pay back some of your aid for that semester. Tuition and FA will be reduced for a complete semester withdrawal are based on the withdrawal date: https://studentabc.rutgers.edu/withdrawals-school

Withdrawal Form: Visit Academic Services (B100) to see a DEAN. For those who are no longer near campus you can contact your DEAN via email (not an advisor)  Once you fill out a Withdrawal form and have it signed by a DEAN in B100, you are responsible for communicating wtih other university offices like Financial Aid, Housing, Dining Services, etc.  

Please also review other relevant information: