Taking Summer or Winter Courses

RU Summer/Winter Session 

Students in good academic standing may register for the Summer or Winter Session at Rutgers in New Brunswick, Newark, or Camden using the Touchtone Telephone Registration System or Webreg. Call the Summer Session office at 848-932-7565 for information and or schedule books. For Summer and for Winter. Incoming first year students (not transfers) cannot register for Rutgers winter session by themselves, please fill out this form: https://soe.rutgers.edu/class-2025-winter-registration

  • Before registering for any summer or winter session course, a Pre-Authorization form MUST be filled out (see below)
  • No Science, Engineeirng, Math, Statistics, or writing courses may be taken on-line.  For Summer 2022, all online courses will be accepted.
  • No Science, Engineering, Math, Statistics, or writing  courses may be taken during the Winter session (with the exception of Intro to Experimentation, 01:160:171 and Scientifc & Technical Writing, 01:355:302)
  • Summer courses at Newark/Camden must be pre-approved by a Dean.
  • For courses taken at any Rutgers campus, the grade and credit will appear on the transcript and in the GPA.
  • It is always recommended that you consult with an adviser before selecting courses, especially if you are going to take courses in Newark or Camden which you wish to use toward your major.
  • If you are a dismissed student or otherwise not affiliated with the university, you may take summer courses at RU as a Visiting Student through the Summer Session Office.
  • SoE recommends no more than 6-7cr over the summer (2 classes during different sessions). SoE students can only register for max of  9cr in a summer.

Community College and Other Institutions

No STEM, writing, or Major courses may be taken on-line.    You may take certain courses at another institution over the summer or winter sessions (not during the spring or fall terms) and transfer the credit (not the grade) to be applied towards your Engineering degree at Rutgers. A grade of C or better is required for the credits to be eligible for transfer (the grade does not transfer into the transcript/GPA). SoE recommends no more than 6-7cr over the summer (2 classes during different sessions).

Courses eligible to be taken outside of RU during the summer include first and second year courses of the engineering curriculum: math, physics, chemistry, humanities/social science electives, non-school 14 tech electives, sophomore level introductory major courses. However, it is not reccomended to take two math courses in one summer, particularly for students having academic difficulty. Deans in the Office of Academic Services (B100) review these cases. Junior and Senior level major courses may NOT be taken outside of RU unless specific approval from the specific engineering department's Undergraduate Director.  Courses eligible to be taken outside of RU during the winter sessions are courses that are non-STEM and non-Writing courses such as general electives and humanities/social science electives.

Is The Course Equivalent To The Course At RU-New Brunswick?

To check equivalencies for NJ Community Colleges, go to NJ Transfer/ARTSYS.  A screen shot of the course equivalency must be included in the Pre-Authorization form.  

If you wish to take a course at a 4 yr institution or an institution outside of NJ, the student must attach the course description which can be printed from the school's website, or copied from the course catalog at that school.  Attach the course description must be included in the Pre-Authorization form.

Pre-Authorization Forms:

Who Pays For The Summer Tuition?

Summer tuition is paid for by the student. Students can check with the Office of Financial Aid to see if there is any funding available for the summer session.

Summer/Winter Courses And Graduation

If a student takes his/her last course(s) outside of RU, the student should be aware that the official transcript must be received by a certain date in order to avoid any delays in graduation date. June 15th (for May graduation), Sept 30th (for October graduation), Jan 31st (for Jan graduation). Please see our graduation webpage for more details.

What happens when the course has been completed?

Once the pre-approved course has been completed and the grade is posted, the student must request (from the external school) to have an Official transcript sent from the external school directly to our office:

During remote operations, please have your transcript sent electronically by the other institution. If there is an email option, please have it sent to:

Class 2022+2023: upperclass@soe.rutgers.edu
Class 2024: transfer@soe.rutgers.edu 

Class 2025: fyadvising@soe.rutgers.edu

Hard copy transcripts can be mailed to: 
Office of Academic Services (B100)
School of Engineering, Rutgers University
98 Brett Road; Piscataway, NJ 08854-8058

Things to Consider

There are some benefits and some concerns when deciding to take a course outside of RU: cost, location, RU-post registration, level of rigor, etc.
Cost and Location: Tuition at community college is typically less expensive than at RU.It may be more convenient to take a summer class closer to home.
RU-registration: if you are taking a summer class outside of RU that is a pre-requisite for a course you need to take at RU in the next semester, you will have to provide an unofficial transcript to the Office of Academic Services showing a grade of C or better in order to register for that fall class. This means that you have to wait for several months to register. If you take the course at RU in the summer, you can register for that class in the next semester normally. This is because the registration system knows you are taking the summer class at RU and will check your summer grade automatically.
Level of Rigor: While many courses at community colleges are deemed transferrable to the SOE's requirements, there are occasions where the level of rigor may be out of sync between the schools. Students who struggle in a particular technical subject (ex. math, physics, etc.) are encouraged to take these courses at RU to provide the highest chances of adequate preparation and success for future coursework.