Spring Registration for First Year Students

Registration for the Spring semester begins in November.  You must make up your own class meeting schedule using the class schedule information on the Web Registration site. This will not be done for you by the Dean's Office as it was when you first entered the university this past September. You now have full opportunity to arrange your daily schedule as you desire.

SOE students should know about the Standard First-Year Engineering curriculum as they plan their courses. Each student should follow registration dates and other registration related topics. The Registrar establishes the registration calendar, giving students access to the system depending on the number of credits already earned. These do not include those credits you are currently taking, but should include any AP or transfer credits already posted to your official Rutgers transcript.  

Students will use the online Web Registration system to sign up for classes. Course offerings and pre-requisites can be found in the Schedule of Classes. Advisors for First-Year Engineering have weekly advising and host a registration information sessions leading up to first-year registration.  Check with the Office of Academic Services-B100 for more details.  



  • If you are enrolled in 01:640:025, register for 01:640:026.
  • If you are enrolled in 01:640:026, register for 01:640:115.
  • If you are enrolled in 01:640:111, register for 01:640:112.
  • If you are enrolled in 01:640:115, register for 01:640:151. (NOT 640:135)
  • If you are enrolled in 01:640:151 register for 01:640:152 (NOT 640:136*).
  • If you are enrolled in 01:640:152, register for 01:640:251.
  • If you are enrolled in 01:640:251, register for 01:640:244 (NOT 640:252).
  • *640:136 is under no circumstances a replacement for 640:152


  • If you are enrolled in 01:750:115, register for 01:750:116.
  • If you are enrolled in 01:750:123, register for 01:750:124.
  • If you are enrolled in 01:750:227 and 01:750:229, check with the engineering major advisor to see if 01:750:228 and 01:750:230 are required for your prospective major.  -If you have some credit for physics via AP or Transfer Credit, register for the next higher physics course as appropriate.


  • If you are enrolled in 01:160:159 and 01:160:171, register for 01:160:160.
  • If you are enrolled in 01:160:159 only, register for 01:160:160 and 01:160:171.
  • If you are not enrolled in any chemistry course and do not have college credit for chemistry, register for 01:160:161 If you are enrolled in 01:160:133, register for 01:160:161.

Special Note: Electrical and Computer Engineering majors (only!) do not need 01:160:160, just 01:160:159 and 01:160:171. If you are completely sure this will be your declared major, register accordingly.

English Writing

  • If you are enrolled in 01:355:098, register for 01:355:100.
  • If you are enrolled in 01:355:100, register for 01:355:101.
  • If you are enrolled in 01:355:101, register for 14:440:127 (unless you are now enrolled in this course also).
  • If you are enrolled in 01:356:155, register for 01:356:156.
  • If you are enrolled in 01:356:156, register for 01:355:100.
  • If you are not enrolled in any English course, register for the English course you were placed in but did not yet take. Normally this would be 01:355:101. (If the system does not allow you to register for 01:355:101 and you do not know your English placement, you may come to EN-B100 and find which course is appropriate for you.)

Computers (MatLab)

  • If you are not now enrolled in 14:440:127 and do not have credit for this course, register for 14:440:127.

Engineering Orientation

  • If you are not enrolled in 14:440:100 or 14:440:125 currently and do not have credit for this course, you must take the course next Fall.


  • If you are enrolled in or have credit for both first semester calculus and first semester physics (usually 01:650:151 and 01:750:123 or 115), register for 14:440:221.

Humanities/Social Science Electives

  • The normal freshman program indicates one humanities/social science elective is taken in each term. In your four year program you are required to take a minimum of 18 credits of  humanities/social science courses which must include:
  1. 01:355:101 Expository Writing,
  2. Four courses from the humanities/social science elective list. At least two electives must be in one subject area with one of these at the 300 course number level or higher, and at least two must be at the 300 course number level or higher overall. Be aware that upper level humanities courses are normally inappropriate for first year students.

Register for a humanities/social science elective as appropriate, taking into account the total number of credits you already have earned in this category via AP or transfer credit and the statement above. A list of acceptable electives is available at our office (EN-B100) or on our web site. Do not register for more than 19 credits total as this would be an overload that is not approved.

IMPORTANT! First Year Byrne Seminars

During the Spring semester, first year engineering students have the unique opportunity to take a 1-credit first year seminar course. These are classes taught by upper level faculty centered on engaging topics related to their research areas. The courses normally meet once per week and are graded pass/fail without midterm or final examinations and few homework requirements. We encourage each first year engineering student to register for a seminar if possible. Byrne Seminar information booklets are available at the Office of Academic Services and will also be handed out at the Barr Hall Registration Information session.

Honors Students

Honors Students have some different course requirements in the first two years, particularly in math and science.  Click here to see a listing of honors requirements.

If you have questions regarding course selections, please come to Engineering Building, Room B100, Office of Academic Services to get advice. We will be pleased to help you.