Probation and Dismissal

Academic Review

After the fall and spring semesters (not after summer or winter sessions), the Committee on Student Scholastic Standing reviews and may take action on the record of every student whose semester GPA, cumulative GPA, or major GPA is 2.0 or lower.  These students may be placed on Warning, Probation or may be Dismissed from the School of Engineering. Students will be notified in writing of their academic standing. Low academic performance can also impact your eligibility for financial aid.

Students may view their grades at any time using the same log-in credentials to access RU email.

Academic Warning

Students are placed on Warning when the cumulative GPA and major GPA are above 2.0, but the term GPA is below 2.0. Students must make substantial improvement in the next semester or will be in danger of Academic Probation.  Students whose term GPA is 1.0 or below will also be required to meet with an advisor or dean.

Academic Probation

Students are placed on probation when they have earned less than 2.0 in the cumulative GPA or major GPA. Students are notified in writing of probationary status and the conditions of probation before the start of the next term. Students may view their grades at any time using the same log-in credentials to access RU email. Students who have pending grade changes may appeal the Probation status in writing to a dean in the Office of Academic Services.  

While on academic probation, students must consult with their advisers regularly, curtail extracurricular activities (including employment), and attend class regularly. Removal from probation depends on academic performance in the upcoming term, including grades and progress in the major.  In order to be removed from academic probation, we are generally looking for a semester GPA, cumulative GPA, and major GPA of 2.0+ along with no D’s, F’s, or W’s in engineering related courses. That does not mean that you cannot drop a class.  It is always better to drop a class than to fail it.  

Students on academic probation are required to complete at least 9cr of courses relevant to their major, earning letter grades of C's or higher (excluding pass/nocr). For an engineering major, this means STEM courses required for the major, and no more than 14cr in total: Guidelines for selecting courses. Options for what happens next:

  • Removal from Probation: To be removed from probation, students are required to bring both the cumulative and major GPAs above 2.0, and earn C's or higher in the STEM courses.
  • Probation Continued: If, at the end of the semester, either the cumulative or major GPA is still below 2.0, but the term GPA is 2.3 or higher (including no D/F/W/NC in STEM courses), you would still be on probation for another semester.
  • Dismissal: If the student earns D/F/W in STEM courses, this results in dismissal. See a dean or advisor if you are struggling in your courses to discuss options.
  • Dismissal: If either the cumulative GPA or major GPA is below 2.0 AND the term GPA is below 2.3, the result in dismissal.


Being Dismissed is a serious situation that students should not take lightly*. Students whose academic performance has deteriorated to the point of dismissal present a myriad of reasons for their poor performance. The dismissal policy is not in place to punish students, but rather to help guide the student to a pathway for academic success.​ Students success is a benefit to the student and to the school. 

Students may be dismissed after 1 semester on probation (with one exception*) if ANY of the following occur: 

  1. the cumulative GPA is less than 2.0, or 
  2. the major GPA is less than 2.0.  
  3. lack of progress in the engineering curriculum**.

* Students can be dismissed without any prior probation if they have completed 1 semester of non-engineering coursework. See Non-engineering Dismissal below.

** Students who either withdraw from or perform poorly in STEM courses, but are able to salvage their cumulative and/or major GPAs by repeating courses (E-credit), withdrawing from STEM courses, or by performing very well in non-STEM courses can be dismissed for lack of progress in the engineering curriculum.

Students may view their grades at any time using the same log-in credentials to access RU email. Students are notified in writing of academic dismissal.  

Dismissed students have 3 options to earning a degree: apply for readmission (if applicable), appeal (based on extenuating circumstances), finish a degree at another institution outside of RU. 


  1. After fall Dismissal: If a student gets dismissed after fall, and wants to continue engineering, they must take a mandatory spring semester off.
    Readmission requirements: Students must complete 12cr minimum (including 9cr STEM) between spring and summer, with no more than 8cr in the summer, with a 3.0 GPA, and with a certain cumulative GPA at the time of readmission.  Please note that readmission into your original engineering major is not guaranteed (low major GPA and related academic deficiencies are considered).  See Readmission for more details.
  2. After spring dismissal: If a student gets dismissed after spring, they can apply for readmission based on summer (6-8cr at RU),  or by going to community college (12cr+ between summer and fall). With either route, a 3.0 GPA is required along with a certain cumulative GPA upon readmission. See Readmission for more details.
  3. Dismissed and want to transfer out of SOE: If a student is dismissed and wants to transfer out and has a certain cumulative GPA* and can reasonably reach a cumulative GPA of 2.0 in 14cr, they can be approved to do ONE terminal semester of non-engineering courses in preparation for a transfer out. This is a terminal semester, with no readmission back into SOE. Performing poorly in summer classes can nullify this option. See Readmission for more details.

*Cumulative GPA requirement: 1.600 cumulative GPA if it is based on 1 – 30 credits in the GPA.   
                                 1.800 cumulative GPA if it is based on 31 – 60 credits in the GPA.   
                                 2.000 cumulative GPA if it is based on more than 60 cr in the GPA,
                                    (and major GPA must be at least 1.900).

  1. Appeal: Students with unforeseen legitimate extenuating circumstances can appeal the dismissal after receiving the dismissal notice. Instructions on how and where to submit the appeal will be included in the Dismissal notice. Appeals should not be sent to individual deans or advisors. Legitimate extenuating circumstances often include recent physical or mental illness, recent illness/death in family, pending grade changes, or other unforeseen extenuating circumstances. Appeal letters (typed, not handwritten) should summarize the extenuating circumstances, include documentation, and provide a realistic plan to overcome the circumstances. 
  2. Apply to another school: If you are not eligible for readmission, or if you choose not to return to RU, you can apply to another institution to finish your degree, where you will start with a fresh GPA.
  3. International Students who are dismissed have to be admitted immediately for the next semester into a community college or other institution, otherwise, they have to return to their home country immediately. 

NOTE: Dismissal after the spring semester is official and effective in early June. Fall courses will be dropped. Housing and FA may also be cancelled. Summer Readmission is NOT a grace period. Summer readmission is a chance to earn your place back into the university for the fall semester.

Non-Engineering Dismissal

The School of Engineering allows students to take ONE semester of non-engineering coursework in preparation for a transfer out of SOE. A student will be dismissed from SOE after completing one more semester of non-engineering coursework, with or without being on academic probation in the previous semester. If the cumulative GPA is below 2.0, but the semester GPA is above 2.3, the student can apply for a 2nd non-engineering semester (by seeing a dean) in order to continue working on the cumulative GPA. In all other cases, the student will not be allowed to continue studies at Rutgers University in the next term and would need to go through the readmission processStudents may view their grades at any time using the same log-in credentials to access RU email.