Scholastic Requirements

Minimum Requirements for Graduation: The degree of Bachelor of Science from the School of Engineering is awarded to any candidate whose university cumulative grade-point average is 2.000+, whose cumulative grade-point average in the major is 2.000+, and who has successfully completed all degree requirements. Students can view degree requirements in Degree Navigator.  

It is the student’s responsibility to know what requirements s/he must fulfill for the School of Engineering and for the specific engineering major. This includes humanities/social science electives, tech electives, departmental electives, required courses, etc.

  • Example 1: If a student fails a course that is part of the requirements for graduation, the student must accept the responsibility to retake the course. 
  • Example 2: If a student decides not to take Expository writing in his/her first, second, third, fourth years, s/he must know that it has to be taken in order to graduate. 
  • Example 3: If a student does not complete all pre-requisites for senior level major courses, it is possible to need an entire extra year in order to graduate.  
  • Example 4: A student takes a 1cr course assuming that it can fulfill a 3cr requirement.  A one credit course can never on it's own fulfill a three credit course requirement.

For all of these examples and other academic issues, it is the student's responsibility to be proactive and seek out the proper information and advising from the Office of Academic Services Dean's Office (B100) and from departmental advisors regarding academic requirements.