Satisfactory of Academic Progress

Academic Progress is a requirement for all students receiving Federal, State, or University assistance while enrolled at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

Financial aid recipients must meet both a "qualitative" and a "quantitative" standard to maintain eligibility for aid. The qualitative standard is determined by the student's cumulative grade point average (GPA) at a specific grade level. The quantitative standard is based on a student's completion rate, or the successful completion of a minimum number of credits of the total credits attempted for each term of attendance at the University.

To begin the appeal process, have a dean create an academic plan. In SOE, students (non-EOF) should contact your dean in the Engineering Bldg, B100. EOF students should contact their EOF advisor in the Engineering Bldg, B110. The SOE Dean who creates your plan will forward it to FA on your behalf. If your plan is approved by FA, then your financial aid will be approved initially for the first term, and then for subsequent terms during the probation period upon review of your progress at the end of the previous term. Failure to meet any of the terms of your academic plan will result in the immediate loss of your financial aid eligibility, and ineligibility of a new academic plan.