Declaration of Engineering Major (NOT for transfer students)

All first year students will register for Fall sophomore courses by associating with the department administering their chosen engineering major. Therefore, when choosing your courses, you must declare a major. Please join us to find out more information on engineering majors throughout the Spring 2021 semester.  Please note:  students who transferred to Rutgers engineering from a different school (internal or external) DO NOT need to declare their major.

Major Exploration

This spring we will be holding several events to continue to introduce students to the different majors: stay tuned for more details to come!

NOTE:  The Major Declaration form will open on April 19th and close on April 30th, 2021.  Students will continue to have a registration hold for Fall 2021 until they fill out the declaration form.

You must declare a major whether or not you are planning on staying in the School of Engineering. The deadline will be in April 30, 2021.  Please do not miss this deadline as this is important in choosing your courses for the Fall!  You can declare your major online using the following link: MAJOR DECLARATION. (form opens on 4/19)  Note: The web site will become accessible during the Spring 2021 semester and no earlier. If you decide to change your major, please fill out the change of major form: CHANGE OF MAJOR. If you missed the deadline to declare, please email

To declare your major, complete the selection by clicking the button next to your major choice. Your major is the engineering curriculum you will follow in your remaining three years at Rutgers. Although the university reserves the right to limit enrollment in particular disciplines, all majors in the School of Engineering are currently open to you without restriction. There is also an option to choose leaving the School of Engineering for those who will be transferring. Those who choose a non-engineering program will be advised directly by the Advisor/Dean for First-Year Students at the Office of Academic Services (EN-B100) and not by a major department as they prepare to transfer out of the School of Engineering.


You will receive registration information in the month of March. CONSULT WITH YOUR MAJOR ADVISOR about the required and elective courses you should take. A list of advisors should be posted on the bulletin board outside of each department office and on their web pages. However, you may always consult with the Undergraduate Director of the department. Registration will begin in April (by credits), using the RU web registration system. Use the Schedule of Classes to see available courses.  

Honors Program Students

Tell your departmental advisor that you are in the Engineering Honors Program. All honors students should also continue in Honors Calculus, Honors Mechanics, and Honors Physics as part of their sophomore curricula.  For more information, contact Dean Antoine, and visit the Honors Academy requirements page.

Contact Information and Appointments

For general questions:
First Year  advising hours

Office of Academic Services
School of Engineering
98 Brett Road, Engineering B100
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Phone: (848) 445-2212