There are several types of electives: Humanities/Social Sciences, Technical, Departmental, and General. Each elective type has its own focus.

Humanities/Social Science Requirements

A good undergraduate education should provide more than the development of technical skills. Humanities/Social Science (H/SS) courses are generally non-technical in nature. Properly chosen, H/SS electives can complement your technical courses by helping you to develop an understanding of the problems facing our society, a historical consciousness, a sense of values, knowledge of other cultures, an appreciation of the fine arts, and an ability to think logically and communicate effectively. Think seriously about your choices, and use them to enhance your educational experience. Engineering students are encouraged to complete a minor or even a second major in these disciplines. H/SS requirements are comprised of 6cr of required courses and 12cr of electives:  

  • 01:355:101 (Expository Writing) 
    Note Expos is NOT eligible for Pass/Nocr, effective Fall 2015.
  • 540:343 Engineering Economics for Class 2022+. (For Class 2021 and earlier, 01:220:102 Micro Economics is required instead).
    Note: Engineering Economics 14:540:343 is a different course than [220:102, 220:103].
    Note: There are some restrictions about taking Micro Economics online or in the winter. Click here for details.  
  • Four free electives chosen from a list of courses** (including at least two at the 200/300/400 level*). Courses must be non-technical in nature.
  • *If any new technical courses are developed within one of the subjects below, SOE reserves the right to adjust this list. If you find a course of a technical nature on this list (some keywords: science, data, analytics, technical), please check with the Office of Academic Services for verification. Check in Degree Navigator for eligible courses. H/SS elective list
  • 6cr (2 courses) out of the 18cr are reccomended to be from the same subject, including at least 3cr (or 1 course) 200+ level course. This is effective for Class 2021 and on. 
  • *Effective Septemer 2017, 200 level courses will be counted as upper level. Degree Navigator will be updated accordingly by January 2018. 
  • ** Effective January 2018, certain courses that focus on perfecting a technique will no longer be an acceptable h/ss elective. Courses to be removed from the h/ss list include: 07:080:431, 07:700:311, 07:700:312, 01:355:425, Marching Band, Choir, Glee Club, etc. If you have taken or are registered for one of these in Fall 2017 or prior, the course will count. Starting Spring 2018, these courses will not count. Degree Navigator will be updated accordingly by January 2018.
  • ** Effective Fall 2017, Class 2021+ 1st yr students: 080:431 is NOT acceptable as a h/ss elective for you. Only continuing students are being grandfathered in and can take 080:431 as a h/ss elective in Fall 2017 or earlier. 

Do you want to take a nonSTEM course that is not on the H/SS list? Submit a H/SS review request here. Please do NOT submit STEM courses, examples: accounting, biology, chemistry, engineering, environmental science, finance, geology, math, physics, statistics, or courses with technical topics like data, analytics, technology, drafting.

Are my H/SS electives fulfilled? Check Degree Navigator. Also, you can fill in this check-list:

A. Courses selected from the H/SS list. (Note: If language courses are taken, please confirm selection with a B100 Dean.)
B. minimum of 6 courses and 18cr:

  1. 355:101 Expository Writing
  2. 540:343 for Class of 2022+ (OR 220:102 for Class 2021-)
  3. __________ 3cr (any level)
  4. __________ 3cr (any level)
  5. __________ 3cr (200+ level)
  6. __________ 3cr (200+ level, reccomended to be in same subject as one of #1-5)

Technical Elective

A Technical Elective is math or science related course. Each department within Engineering has a specific list of technical electives. Engineering students have to take 2-3 technical electives depending on the major. See your department for a list of acceptable courses.

  • ARESTY research (440:392) can count as a TE for any major.
  • ROTC courses 692:301+692:302 together can count as 1 TE for any major. If Degree Navigator does not show this automatically, please submit a DN update request once 692:302 has been completed.

Departmental Elective

A Departmental Elective is a course specific to your major. The number of required departmental electives is also specific to your major. See your department for details.

General Elective

A general elective is almost any course offered in the university with few exceptions. Most Engineering majors require only 3 credits to fulfill the general elective requirements, except for the Chemical option in Chemical Engineering (6 credits).

List of the courses that are NOT acceptable:

  • CHEMISTRY 01:160:110 THROUGH 140
  • COMPUTER SCIENCE 01:198:107, 110, 170
  • ENGLISH 01:355:096 THROUGH 099, 01:355:155, 01:355:156 
  • MATHEMATICS 01:640:011 THROUGH 115
  • Any University course with an "E" Credit Prefix