Future Leaders Accelerated BS/MBA Program

During the junior year*, students may apply to the Rutgers Business School (RBS) for admission to the BS/MBA Future Leaders Program. BS/MBA students can pursue the MBA degree (60cr) or MBA in Professional Accounting degree (66cr). 

Comparison between the MBA programs, including GMAT/GRE averages.

Admission to the BS/MBA includes:
-3.3** cumulative GPA by the end of the junior year 
-top 75th percentile score on the GMAT or GRE exam 
-one semester of calculus and statistics (with grades of ‘B’ or better). 
http://www.business.rutgers.edu/future-leaders/admissions-other requirements, see the Future Leaders website. 

Interested/eligible students should take the GMAT or GRE during the fall semester of the junior year. Then, apply to the program in the spring semester of the junior year.  Full application deadline, including GRE/GMAT scores, is May 1st. Students can apply as early as October, though most apply around January.

*The BS/MBA Program is not open to transfer students with 30 or more transfer credits. 
**School of Engineering Students with lower GPA's (3.100-3.299) may still qualify for admission if other parts of the application package are strong (GMAT/GRE, essay, interview). 

If accepted into the program, during the senior year of the engineering program, students can take up to 4 MBA courses that count towards the MBA degree. Two of the four courses may count as technical electives or as general electives in the engineering curriculum. If these electives will have already been fulfilled by other courses, any MBA courses completed during your senior year for SOE will not count towards BS requirements, but they will of course make progress toward the MBA. The Rutgers Business School will advise you on course selection for MBA courses, and issue any necessary special permission #'s.

The 4th year remains the senior year in which all requirements for the BS in Engineering must be completed (paying undergraduate tuition rates). After you graduate with the BS degree, students will pursue the remaining 48cr+ worth of graduate courses (paying graduate tuition rates). It may take more than one year to complete the MBA degree, depending on the choice of major, employment circumstances, and credit-load. 

Benefits of this program include:
-paying undergraduate tuition rate for the MBA courses (up to 4 courses) taken during the senior year,
-ability to use 6cr towards both the BS and MBA degrees,
-time to completion,
-instant added marketability upon graduation. 


For more information about the Future Leaders MBA program itself (MBA degree requirements, MBA courses, entrance requrements, application, etc.) go to Future Leaders MBA Program FAQ page. For other related questions, contact the Rutgers Business School: admit@business.rutgers.edu

For information on how the BS-Engineering and MBA work together in the senior year of the BS degree, contact the Upperclass Dean