BS/Master's Programs

Enhance Your Undergraduate Degree with a Master’s in One Year*

BS/MS in Engineering: Each year, Rutgers School of Engineering students take advantage of our accelerated master’s program that allows undergraduate students to add one more year of schooling to complete their graduate degree in engineering.

Today’s workplace demands talented, skilled engineers. Those with advanced degrees from a top program like Rutgers’ command greater salaries. It’s an investment that pays off!** 


Set Yourself Apart: Employers are looking for people who can bring the greatest skill and expertise to the job. With a master’s degree you can set yourself apart, gaining additional knowledge, technical ability, and leadership strength achieved through advanced courses and labs.

Increased Earning Potential:  A master’s degree in engineering can have a positive impact on your earning potential in the workplace. While the field of engineering is among the highest paid professions in the U.S., a master’s degree can command a higher salary compared to salaries of students entering the workforce with a bachelor’s degree.

**According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, civil engineersmechanical engineers, and engineering managers, reported median wages between 9 and 13 percent more for workers who had a master’s degree compared with those who had a bachelor’s degree.

Maximize Opportunity, Minimize Time: Pursuing a master’s degree as part of a bachelor’s degree can significantly reduce the expense and time commitment of graduate school. We know you’ve spent four years of late night studying and hard work pursuing your undergraduate degree and adding one more year of schooling will set you back entering the workforce, but this just might be the best time in your life to complete a master’s degree. Students who delay a graduate degree often take on the challenge while working full time, with a family or other obligations, and studying part time can take up to three years or more to complete a degree. Please note that any course used towards the undergraduate degree cannot be used towards a graduate degree

* Degree completion date is based on the number of graduate courses completed as an undergraduate. Some students complete the master’s degree in one year, while others take courses during the summer session.


  • GPA dependent on program
  • Complete 96 credits of coursework at the end of the sixth undergraduate semester
  • GRE is NOT required
  • Application fee is waived
  • Application is processed through the engineering department in School of Engineering, not the Graduate School, for an expedited acceptance in some cases


FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact the Graduate Director of the engineering department of interest. 

Additional BS/Master's Options

  • BS-MBA (Master of Business Administration - Future Leaders MBA)
  • BS-MBS (Master of Business and Science)
  • BS-Ed.M (Master of Education)