My Virtual Internship at AT&T

Tasnim ENG'23 | Industrial and Systems Engineering 

This past summer, I had a virtual internship at AT&T. Setting up to work in the same room I had done school the past year was a weird feeling, especially because this time I was sitting in front of my computer in a button-up rather than my pajamas. I worked as a project management and data analytics intern, taking on a role similar to consulting.

My main focus during my ten weeks was to contribute to an initiative the team was working on called Experience the Change. The idea of the project is that the team is looking to improve the customer call experience. My first few weeks started off by listening in on meetings to have a better understanding of the projects that were being worked on. My goal was to take in as much as possible, to learn as much as I could about the relationships among different parts of the company, and to understand the baseline for change. After that, my internship passed by in a flash.

As soon as I was caught up, I was able to contribute to the project right away. I analyzed data to give recommendations on which company locations to focus on. Working with management, I branded and created supporting materials for the project which I presented to our vice president. I tracked results for the project three times per week to measure how we were progressing to reach our goals. I gave ideas, provided feedback to team members, and was able to provide a new perspective to the team about the project.

When thinking about my internship, I can see how my education so far has prepared me for the role. The biggest thing that my classes did was shape the way that I thought and approached a problem. Of the people on my team, no one had an engineering background and it was apparent. When improving the call system, they went about solving it in a different way than I had and thought of problems differently than I did. It was interesting to learn from them, whose experience mainly came from industry, and see what solutions they came up with versus myself, whose experience came from school.

My time at AT&T was valuable and a great experience. It was my first professional internship and I learned a lot. Data analytics and project management is one possible job area that I could pursue after college. After my internship, I have a much better idea of what my career may look like after my time at Rutgers.