Mission and Vision

Rutgers School of Engineering is a place of possibilities—for students seeking success, for researchers seeking to create new technologies, and for faculty members and industry leaders seeking to form powerful and productive partnerships.

Rutgers University’s School of Engineering is a vibrant academic community whose richly diverse students and faculty are committed to globally sustainable engineering. Its mission is built on a commitment to fostering the integration of education and research to achieve transformational innovation that is ethically responsible and sustainable.

Mission: Education, Research, Service

Educate and train the future engineers for a complex, diverse and global workplace.

  • Provide innovative, high quality, relevant education to undergraduate and graduate students using the latest technology and educational techniques.
  • Engage a diverse student body that exemplifies the core values of an engineering education for the purpose of improving and developing systems that solve complex problems and improve quality of life.

Conduct state-of-the-art and relevant research that embraces technology to address societal challenges of a multi-faceted United States and a globally connected world.

  • Conduct cutting-edge research in strategically important engineering areas.
  • Create an environment to encourage and assist faculty to become research leaders in their fields, gaining further national and international recognition.

Serve as a resource to local, state and regional stakeholders to advance the public interest.

  • Promote economic development through technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Leadership Vision

The Rutgers University School of Engineering will be a leader in engineering education, training and research. The School will advance global excellence in engineering education through innovation and invention that is socially, economically and sustainably responsible. It will foster a culture of action, accomplishment and accountability that will drive all of the School’s current and future efforts and initiatives

The School of Engineering will be led by a highly qualified, enthusiastic faculty who are recognized leaders in their fields and committed to success through deep collaboration at all levels, multi-disciplinary learning and the full engagement and mentoring of students.

Graduates will be fully prepared and work-ready for the 21st century workplace as resourceful, influential innovators.  Research centers will conduct ground-breaking research in existing and emergent engineering disciplines to foster economic development, entrepreneurship and innovation.  

Effective industry, government and education partnerships will be supported by Rutgers’ research that can be implemented at the highest ethical standards of industry. 

Rutgers University’s School of Engineering Strategic Plan 2015-2020

The 2014 Rutgers University Strategic Plan identifies the School of Engineering as a core goal and major strategic priority in moving the university forward on a path towards excellence. The School of Engineering Strategic Plan, following suit, embraces and endorses this overriding goal and it serves as the foundation upon which the school’s plan is built.

The Rutgers engineering plan defines the school’s role in fostering the integration of education, government, and industry to achieve regional and national economic growth that is innovative, responsible, and sustainable. The plan identifies specific strengths and targets areas of development. It realistically addresses critical needs and areas where there is opportunity to make significant improvement. Through a broad and collaborative process, Rutgers Engineering has developed a coherent plan for maximizing existing strengths and expanding into exciting new areas of growth. Find out more>>