JJ Slade FAQ

Do I need to be in the Engineering Honors Academy or the Honors College to participate in the JJ Slade Scholars Program?

No, while the program is an honors program, it is open to any undergraduates in the School of Engineering. You would, however, still need to meet the GPA requirement and independently secure a faculty member under whom you will be doing research.

Where do I get the course number from?

The applicant has to reach out to your Undergraduate Director for the course numbers for their specific department. You can find their information here: https://soe.rutgers.edu/oas/fsadvising

Can I work with other students on the same project or research? If so, can I choose them?

The applicant can indeed work on a project that collaborates with others, but the applicant must have distinct parts of the project that are their unique contribution.  Make sure to speak with your advisor and undergraduate director regarding the scope of your work.

 How can I approach a faculty member from my department to secure as an advisor? 

You can use traditional means.  Namely, you can email them, call them, etc...  If you have taken a course with a professor that you are interested in working with, you should contact them and see if they would be willing to host you in their laboratory.

Do students need to also submit a resume and research statement in addition to the Slade form?

The only thing that students need to obtain is approval from their advisor and undergraduate director (where their advisor and undergraduate director approve their independent research is worthy of graduate credits).  They should include the title of their research, but many of the advisors in other departments ask for more from the students. 

Could the credits I get from the Slade Scholars Program can be used towards those my masters' thesis research credits? 

JJ Slade Credits may only be used on a graduate degree (not an undergraduate degree). Confirm with the graduate director of your program to see how your credits may be used. 

The JJ Slade Programs mentions in the application form that it is needed to create and submit a thesis statement. What does the thesis statement consist of?

During your senior year, you would be completing an independent research project. At the end of that research project, you would summarize your project, methods, results, and conclusions in a thesis. 

How do we pick a Research Advisor? Do we pick the Advisor by July 1st when submitting the application?

Applicants have to secure their research advisor on their own. The research is normally aligned with the work that is being done in the professor's laboratory.  It should be research dedicated to the program. You have to secure the advisor, have it approved by your undergraduate director,  and fill out the application by July 1st.  The application requires 3 signatures. You simply need the signatures of your advisor and your Undergraduate Director, the third signature is mine which will be signed if you are accepted into the program.

In addition to the 6 credits we get from research senior year, do we have to take other courses? 

No, those are the only other two courses.  But, you will have to attend events as a scholar in the program. Here is what was scheduled for the 2020-2021 year's cohort.  Something similar will be provided for next year's group.

 Are Slade Scholars allowed to combine their research theses with their capstone projects?

Capstone projects are not always considered research.  JJ Slade is an independent research program.  Thus, there is indeed no double-dipping.

Would there be any funding provided by JJ Slade Scholars Program? If so, what would be the limit to that?

The JJ Slade program does not provide monetary support.