As an engineering ambassador I have often been asked some version of the question - do engineering majors have time to pursue interests outside of engineering? The simple answer is YES! I have found that through time management I have plenty of time to spend on both my major and my hobbies. One of the things I love about Rutgers is the diversity of opportunities available to students. I always say that there is a club for almost every activity you can think of and if there isn’t you can start one.

For example, I am a member of RU Unplugged (the Rutgers Board Game Club). This club meets weekly in the Busch Student Center and has a very simple goal, for students to come together and play board games. This club has provided me with a fun break from my engineering coursework at the end of every week and allowed me to meet a number of people outside of the School of Engineering. In addition to participation in RU Unplugged, I personally participate in the hobby on my own time by playing board games with roommates and friends.

I am also an avid reader and if I have a short break between classes you can usually find me absorbed in a book. As a member of the Engineering Honors Academy, I have had the opportunity to participate in the REAL (Rutgers Engineers Assessing Literature) book club. In REAL we are assigned a book and then participate in small group discussions about the book that we are reading. Participating in this program has strengthened my love for reading and allowed me to have fascinating conversations with students from other engineering majors.

I also enjoy hiking and spending time outdoors. New Jersey has a number of state parks that I have frequented, some of which also have disc golf courses. However, if you don’t want to leave campus the Livingston nature preserve has a few short trails that are great for an afternoon walk. There is also a disc golf course available to all students on Cook/Douglass. Overall, there are a number of ways that engineering students, like myself, continue to enjoy their hobbies while completing their coursework and other activities.