Governor's School Application Instructions

If you are a New Jersey resident, currently in your junior year of high school, and love engineering/computers/math/science, you should consider applying to the Governor's School of Engineering and Technology. Please look through the description of the academic program and research projects on this site before you apply and see if the program sounds like something you'd love to do. If so, we hope you'll consider applying!

The application for our Summer 2023 Governor's School of Engineering and Technology program is now available. Note that your application must be submitted to Rutgers by January 14, 2023Click HERE to view the application instructions.

On page 4 of the link above, you will see that the application consists of three simple steps.  Please read the instructions thoroughly.

The Governor's School of Engineering and Technology is offered free of charge for participants. The cost of the program is covered by generous donations from sponsors each summer. This summer, we will run from July 2 - July 28, 2023.

Each high school is allowed one nominee for every 325 juniors, as follows: 

  • 1–325 enrolled juniors = 1 nominee for each Governor’s School
  • 326–650 enrolled juniors = 2 nominees for each Governor’s School
  • 651+ enrolled juniors = 3 nominees for each Governor’s School

Admission to the program is very competitive. Following a competitive process at each high school in which dozens of students may express interest in attending the program, we generally receive between 300 and 400 applications from these nominees. Of the nominees who are the best and brightest students at their respective schools, fewer than 25% generally receive offers of admission. In previous years, 20% of applicants were admitted.