Fall Course Planning


Welcome, Class of 2025, to the School of Engineering at Rutgers University. We are pleased that you have decided to join us. During the next four years you will develop the knowledge and skills required to become an Engineer in your field of choice. There are a few administrative steps that are necessary for you to complete this summer in order to join the School of Engineering, please see the Checklist. One step is to complete the placement tests as soon as possible, if you are not exempt from the tests or have not already taken them. Another step is to complete the registration form, accessible from the Canvas Course, SOE Academic Advising - class of 2025.  You should have received an invitation to the course through your Rutgers email.

Further details are below. Additional general information regarding identification cards, immunization forms and housing applications are also include below to help you.

Placement Tests

As an engineering student, you need to take the English placement exam if you critical reading SAT-1 score is less than 650 (ACT < 32). The Math placement test is required for all engineering students, except those that have taken the AP Calculus AB or BC examinations prior to their senior year and obtained a score of 4 or 5. We cannot grant exceptions on potential scores from this year, however, we will honor the results of AP tests once the scores are final. For more information on the exemptions from the placement testing, please visit here

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are exempt from placement testing, this will NOT be indicated on your Dashboard, or when you access the testing site.  We will collect this information from you when you fill out the Registration form (see below).

Placement testing for Math, English, and some foreign languages will be conducted via online Sakai, the web-based Rutgers courseware system. Students will be able to test from the comfort of their own homes or a quiet place using a computer with a reliable network connection. Please visit the Rutgers Placement Testing page , If there are extenuating circumstances preventing you from accessing the test in a comfortable, quiet setting, please email testingandplacement@rutgers.edu. If you need testing accommodations, please follow the steps listed here: https://ods.rutgers.edu/students/applying-for-services, and please do not take the placement tests before speaking with staff at the Office of Disability Services. 

Fall Registration

The first year consists of required courses in General Chemistry, Applied Physics, English: Expository Writing, Mathematics:  Calculus and Introduction to Computers for Engineers, as well as a Humanities/Social Science elective, and the Introduction to Engineering class, which presents the various engineering majors offered at Rutgers. Unlike other schools, since there is a common core curriculum, we will schedule your courses for you during this first semester..    

Note: Based on your placement test results, the registration forms, and any AP credit or college courses taken, a schedule will be made for you for the semester.  

Final registration is completed in August and your schedule will be available for viewing on August 20. Students will be able to modify their schedules starting August 25 before the semester starts by completing the required on-line course.  All students will be enrolled in the online course, SOE Academic Advising - Class of 2025.  The course is a remote asynchronous course which can be accesssed via CANVAS.  Completion of the course is required in order to gain access to Webreg for schedule modification.

You will also receive information about Freshman Kick-Off during August. Students will have the opportunity to make scheduling changes during the first week of classes. More informaiton will be given during First Year Kick-Off and Advising.

Advanced Placement Exams

If you took Advanced Placement Exams, make sure you have submitted the official scores through College Board. For more information see: http://soe.rutgers.edu/oas/academic-credit. Results from exams taken in May will be received in July and will be considered when creating your fall schedule. Final schedules for everyone will be distributed in August. 

My Rutgers Dashboard

You should follow the instructions and information on the Enrollment Pathway within your my Rutgers dashboard, particularly paying attention to deadlines regarding final high school transcripts, required immunization verifications, housing and dining arrangements, tuition payments, etc. Also, make sure to set up your NetID and Rutgers email. Note that these processes are not handled through the School of Engineering, but are essential in preparing for school to start in September. Also, note that if you submitted a copy of your AP results for exemption for the Math Placement Test you will not see the exemption on the Enrollment Pathway but the email you will receive in response can serve as proof.

Housing Applications

You should have received instructions on applying for campus housing from Residence Life shortly after accepting admission. Most engineering students choose to live on the Busch Campus. Submit the online application promptly, as housing is assigned on a first come first serve basis. I encourage you to consider the Barr Hall or Mattia Hall First Year Engineering Residence as an excellent place to live during your first year in our curriculum.    


There are three different New Student Orientations (NSO) occurring in June or July that you can register for.  We will be doing a presentation the second day for an hour and fifteen minutes, so you will get to meet representatives from the School of Engineering. We also will be holding our First Year Kick-Off event in August. The date and schedule for the First Year Kick-Off will be announced in a later email. 

Summer Classes

Students interested in taking summer classes BEFORE starting in the Fall have several options.  The best option is to take some humanities/social sciences electives.   Here is a list of electives we approve:  https://soe.rutgers.edu/oas/hsselectives.  Summer courses can be taken at Rutgers, or outside of Rutgers:

1. Take classes at Rutgers: students can take electives, writing courses (based on placement), Chemistry 1, and any Math class below Calculus 1.  Please pay close attention to registration deadlines, fees, etc.:  https://summersession.rutgers.edu/.  For course registration, please fill out this form, and our office will handle the registration:  https://soe.rutgers.edu/class-2025-summer-21-registration   

2. Taking classes outside of Rutgers:  students can take electives, and any Math class below Calculus 1, or Chemistry 1.  First Year Math and Physics courses must be taken at Rutgers in the Fall.  For course approval, please fill out the appropriate form: For NJ Community Colleges: https://soe.rutgers.edu/pre-authorization-transfer-credit-njcc, for all other schools: https://soe.rutgers.edu/pre-authorization-transfer-credit-other-schools

Laptop Recommendations

Standard laptops (pc or apple) will work for all courses.  The following are the recommended general specifications: 

  • Intel core i5 processor
  • 64-bit Operating System
  • 16GB RAM (8GB minimum)
  • 512 GB storage (256GB min)

For more specifics: https://ecs.rutgers.edu/laptop-recommendations

Contact Information and Appointments

Ms. Debbie Corcoran (Professional Advisor for First-Year Students, firstyear@soe.rutgers.edu)

Office of Academic Services, School of Engineering
98 Brett Road, Engineering B100, Piscataway, NJ 08854
Phone: 848-445-2212  soe.rutgers.edu/oas