STRIDE Training

The Rutgers School of Engineering Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Excellence Committee continues to make progress in enhancing our infrastructure for an inclusive environment for our faculty, students and staff. Towards achieving this process we have established a plan for our community to participate in a myriad of seminars and workshops to engage in this important process. 

All faculty and staff are encouraged to receive STRIDE (Strategies and Tactics for Recruiting to Improve Diversity and Excellence) training to promote inclusive hiring practice. This training is offered to the SoE two times each year and multiple times through the Rutgers DICE office. The DICE encourages all faculty, students and staff to attend the regularly scheduled training offered through their specific unit as classes as tailored to best serve the audience of the unit. To sign up for the annual SoE STRIDE training, complete the availability poll provided here: Please complete this form by February 21, 2022. Please select as many possible dates/times as possible within your schedule as we are doing our best to accommodate our engineering community.