David Wade

Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Guttman Energy
David Wade joined Guttman Energy in July 2020 as Vice President, Sales and Marketing, responsible for leadership of Wholesale and Commercial Sales teams with a focus on the continued growth of the company. Mr. Wade joined Guttman Energy from Incrementum Energy, LLC, where he served as Principal developing targeted marketing and sales strategies for a startup renewable energy company, and managed effective customer relationships during an ownership transition of a refining company.
Prior to Incrementum Energy, Mr. Wade served as Senior Vice President of Supply and Trading at Parkland Fuel Company in Calgary, Canada, where he led the Supply, Wholesale Sales, and Distribution business units and led the terminal, sourcing, transportation, trading, and risk management strategies. He also dedicated 27 years of his career to British Petroleum (BP) that began in senior project engineer and supply and trading manager roles and later progressed to senior leadership positions, including vice president, marketing and supply, BP Natural Gas Liquids and vice president, Air BP, Americas Performance Unit.
Mr. Wade was recognized as a Business Leader of Color by Chicago United in 2013, and received the Multicultural Leadership Award from the Illinois Diversity Council in 2015. He was past chairman of the Board of JARS, Inc. and a director and board member of Epic Aviation, LLC. He has served on the board of the Quad County Urban League and was a past member of the Chicago United CEO Council. Mr. Wade currently serves on the National Board of the American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE). He received his BS in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers University in 1989 and his MS in Engineering Management from Drexel University in 1993.