Engineering Ambassador Program


The Engineering Ambassador Program within the School of Engineering (SoE) is an opportunity for students to help shape the future community of engineers at Rutgers University. The Engineering Ambassadors serve as representatives for the school, sharing the school’s mission and vision, along with their personal experiences. They can be seen at various events like the SoE campus tours, student panels, community outreach events, Engineer’s Week and Rutgers Spring Open House.

Our Vision

To build and inspire a diverse community of future engineers that strives to exemplify the highest level of collaboration, intellectual curiosity, and social conscientiousness.

Our Mission

As advocates for the mission of the School of Engineering (SoE), we embody teamwork, diversity, integrity and service. By tapping into our experiences, we empower prospective students to find their niche within the Rutgers community, and by engaging in open dialogue between faculty and staff, we can develop and maintain transparency throughout SoE.

Learn More

You can learn more about the members of the Engineering Ambassador program and their involvement at Rutgers on our Meet the Ambassadors page or on our Instagram.

You can learn more about becoming a member of the Engineering Ambassador program by visiting our Apply page.


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Being a woman in STEM can seem scary and sometimes overwhelming. While progress has been made in knocking down the gender boundary in STEM-related fields, there is still an underrepresentation of females present. Rutgers is helping to change this by offering programs and resources for women.

One notable program, The Douglass Project for Women in STEM, is offered through the Douglass College at Rutgers University. This project helps to provide women in STEM a network and community of other females in the same fields. It also not only encourages women to pursue a major in STEM but...

Katrina ENG'23 | Biomedical Engineering

Out of the 500 students from my high school class, I only knew one person who was attending Rutgers. I had heard about Rutgers from some of my cousins who attended although I had always thought I would want to travel farther from my hometown in New York. It was not until I embarked on college visits across the United States that I realized New Jersey was the perfect distance where I could gain some independence, but also have the comfort of knowing my family was always a day visit or facetime call away.

Moving to campus, I chose to...

There’s the old saying that goes, "You are a product of your environment." One of the first trials I had when coming to Rutgers was my “people.” Not only in the sense that they looked like me or went through similar experiences, but also people who would be able to challenge me to push me to become the best version of myself (and have a fun time doing it). An organization that was able to supply me with all of this was the Minority Engineering Educational Task (MEET). MEET’s mission statement is “to increase the number of culturally responsible minority engineers who excel ...