Engineering Ambassador Program


The Engineering Ambassador Program within the School of Engineering (SoE) is an opportunity for students to help shape the future community of engineers at Rutgers University. The Engineering Ambassadors serve as representatives for the school, sharing the school’s mission and vision, along with their personal experiences. They can be seen at various events like the SoE campus tours, student panels, community outreach events, Engineer’s Week and Rutgers Spring Open House.

Our Vision

To build and inspire a diverse community of future engineers that strives to exemplify the highest level of collaboration, intellectual curiosity, and social conscientiousness.

Our Mission

As advocates for the mission of the School of Engineering (SoE), we embody teamwork, diversity, integrity and service. By tapping into our experiences, we empower prospective students to find their niche within the Rutgers community, and by engaging in open dialogue between faculty and staff, we can develop and maintain transparency throughout SoE.

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You can learn more about the members of the Engineering Ambassador program and their involvement at Rutgers on our Meet the Ambassadors page or on our Instagram.

You can learn more about becoming a member of the Engineering Ambassador program by visiting our Apply page.


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An unusual fact about me is that I hate studying in just one spot. Every few hours I have to get up and move to a different location, or I’ll lose focus and be distracted. For the last year and a half however, I have essentially been chained to my desk, including over the summer when I was doing a remote internship. For months, especially in the winter when it was colder and harder to go outside, I felt like I was hovering between my desk and my bed, and I definitely noticed it was harder for me to motivate myself to study or do work. Since being back on campus and being able to hit up all...

I lived in a freshmen dorm as a sophomore. That’s right - I spent two years living in Barr Hall, a residence hall on Busch Campus that is only for freshmen students studying engineering. At the end of my freshmen year, as all of my peers were saying goodbye to the hall that had served them through the entire year, I was content knowing the fact that I would be moving in down the hall again come August - this time in the RA room. 

For those of you who don’t know, RA stands for Resident Assistant. RA’s are students who work for Residence Life and oversee...

As an engineering ambassador I have often been asked some version of the question - do engineering majors have time to continue their hobbies or explore interests outside of engineering? The simple answer is YES! I have found that through time management I have plenty of time to spend on both my major and my hobbies. One of the things I love about Rutgers is the diversity of opportunities available to students. I always say that there is a club for almost every activity you can think of and if there isn’t you can start one. For example, I am a member of RU Unplugged (the Rutgers Board Game...