Readmission after Dismissal

*for former SOE students only**

Students who have been dismissed from the School of Engineering (See Notes 1, 2, 3) due to poor academic performance, but are now interested in applying for readmission, must show evidence that their previous poor performance has been addressed. 

Note 1: Readmission into your original engineering major (or into an engineering major at all) is not guaranteed. The complete academic record in STEM courses, major GPA, and related academic deficiencies are considered by the Committee.​ 

Note 2: If you were dismissed from SOE and readmitted previously, you are no longer eligible for readmission to RU. Example, if last year you were dismissed and took summer classes at RU (or 1-2 semesters at county college), were readmitted, and have been dismissed again, you would no longer be eligible to come back to RU. In this case, you must look outside of Rutgers for your education. 

Note 3: If you were dismissed from SAS, SEBS, etc, you must earn your way back into Rutgers University through your original school. If you left RU in 'good standing' for 1 semester or more, see the Re-enrollment page.

Course Requirements: To earn readmission into an engineering major (see Note 1 above), coursework must required engineering, math, or science courses for your major (excluding economics and other h/ss type courses). If you have questions about your course selection or major eligibility, contact an advisor or dean before making selections. To earn readmission in preparation for transferring out of SOE, the courses can be from any subjects. To earn readmission, students may take courses during the semester at community college or in the summer at RU, earning a GPA of 3.0+, (no D's or F's) . 

Readmission via Community College: Depending on your cumulative gpa and number of completed credits (see Note 4), complete 1-2 semesters (must include at least one fall or spring semester), totalling at least 12cr at community college with a 3.0+ gpa (no D's or F's). The Application for Readmission must be submitted to the Office of Academic Services (B100) during the semester preceding the anticipated readmission date. Submit the form via email to (advising @ Once course work is complete and grades are posted, have official transcripts from the external institution sent directly to: Office of Academic Services, EN-B100, Rutgers School of Engineering, 98 Brett Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854.

Readmission via RU Summer Session: In some cases (depending on your cumulative gpa and number of completed credits, see Note 4), it may be possible to complete 6cr at RU in the summer with a 3.0 summer gpa (no D's or F's) and be readmitted. Additionally, the cumulative gpa and major gpa must be at a certain level by the end of the summer. For students who were just dismissed after the most recent spring semester, the Application for Readmission must be submitted to the Office of Academic Services only via Sakai as stated in your Dismissal notice.  For student who have been separated from the university for 1-2 semesters, submit the Application for Readmission via email to The readmission applications will be reviewed at the end of the summer when grades are available.

The School of Engineering does not endorse students taking more than 6cr in a single summer session. If you choose to take more than the 6cr over the entire summer, you are still held to the 3.0+ (no D/F) requirement. Please choose your courses and courseload carefully and consult with us if there are questions or uncertainties.

Note 4: In order to be eligible for readmission, students must have a certain Rutgers gpa at the time of readmission: 
    1.600 cumulative GPA if it is based on 1 – 30 credits in the gpa.
    1.800 cumulative GPA if it is based on 31 – 60 credits in the gpa.
    2.000 cumulative GPA if it is based on more than 60 credits in the gpa, and Major GPA must be at least 1.900.

Question 1: What if I will not have the GPA listed above?
Answer 1: You are not eligible for readmission. Our advice is to attend community college with success for 2 semesters and apply to a brand new 4yr school where you would start with a fresh gpa.

Question 2: What happens if I earn C's or better but fall short of 3.0 or if my cumulative or major gpa is less than 2.0 (for pursuing an engineering major) after summer classes?
Answer 2: Your file will be reviewed in its entirety. You may be offered one of the options below (**see Note 5).

Question 3: What if I take more than 6cr, but don't make the 3.0?
Answer 3: You are still expected to earn a 3.0 summer gpa if you choose to take more than 6cr (no D's or F's). We are only asking for 6cr, if you choose to take more than that, be sure you can handle it. Choose your credit load wisely. Your file will be reivewed entirely and you will be offered one of the options below (**see Note 5)

Note 5 - Options**: If you do not meet the 3.0 in summer, but did 'ok' this summer (No D's or F's), your file will be reviewed entirely and you will be offered one of the following options:

  1. Readmission into your regular eng'g major. 
  2. Provisional readmission into Applied Sciences for one semester, requiring a specific set of courses and gpa.
  3. Readmission into Applied Sciences permanently.
  4. Readmission into a holding place major for preparation for a transfer out of SOE.

Note 6: Summer readmission is a chance to earn your place back into the university for the fall semester. Summer Readmission is NOT a grace period. Fall courses, housing, and financial aid will be cancelled at some point during the summer even if applying for readmission.

Readmission Advising

If you have additional questions about readmission, please email questions to a Dean in B100 for advice. Or set up an appointment online.