Special Engineering Housing

All first-year engineering students are eligible for on-campus housing on the New Brunswick campus and can opt to live in the designated engineering residence halls located on the Busch campus. Unique living-learning options are also available for honors and women engineering students.

Engineering residence halls provide unique living arrangements that build community, support academic progress, and create social engagement. All residence halls are easily accessible to classrooms, libraries, dining, and the campus bus system.

Students can access the housing application via the Enrollment Pathway or via the Status Page.

Also visit Rutgers Housing and Residence Life for more information.

First-Year Engineering

All first-year engineering students are eligible for on-campus housing and can opt to live in one of the two designated engineering residence halls located on the Busch campus: Barr Hall and Mattia Hall. Barr Hall provides co-ed facilities and Mattia is a men’s only hall. Rooms are assigned on a first come, first served basis. If you are interested in the Barr Hall or Mattia Hall First-Year Engineering residence halls, you may indicate your preference on the on-line housing application. For additional information contact the Residence Life Office (Busch Campus Housing) at (848) 445-2561.

Engineering Honors Academy

First-year engineering students admitted to the Honors Academy are eligible for the honors living learning community within the Barr and McCormick residence halls on the Busch campus. 

Rutgers-New Brunswick Honors College

First-year engineering students admitted to the Rutgers-New Brunswick Honors College will be living in the Honors College on the College Avenue Campus. 

Douglass Engineering Living Learning Community

The Douglass Engineering Living-Learning Community offers first-year, undergraduate women in engineering a residential home on the Busch campus. This unique partnership between Douglass Residential College and the School of Engineering provides incoming students the opportunity to live, learn, and connect to an active academic and social network designed to ease the transition to Rutgers and facilitate success in engineering.