Department and Center Administrators Resources

All appointments made within the School of Engineering should follow the requirements outlined in this chart: 2015 Appointment Requirements Chart. Below you will find PowerPoint Presentations that contain information specific to the School of Engineering for the various types of appointments. 
If you need access to these documents email Teri Cruz, at
Under each heading you will find the resources you need to process various personnel actions. You can bookmark these documents or save a copy to your local computer. Keep in mind that these documents may occasionally change. I will provide notification when this occurs so that you can update your records accordingly.


Tenure Track Faculty Initial Appointments
Tenure Track Faculty Reappointment
Letter produced by the Dean’s Office.  Department handles UPF5 and HCM Processing
NTT Appointments
Mailing address for AAUP-AFT:
Rutgers AAUP-AFT
11 Stone Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1113
Staff Appointments
Visiting Appointments
GA/TA Appointments
Part-Time Lecturer Appointments
Postdoctoral Fellows/Associates (Post Doc)
Appointments are made within the departments
Temporary Employees /Coadjutants